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Growing up is Right.
Evolving is Better!

Evolve your business: we help you build the right strategy for your business using Direct Response Online Marketing and Fintech technology. Choose to incubate your project with JC Management ®.

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Growing a business is difficult. We make it much easier, fun, scalable and, above all, Fintech-oriented. Discover the whole JC Management Universe ®!
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We build successful companies since


Our aim is to create Mass Movements.

We are first of all Entrepreneurs and only then Consultants

JC Management® is pure Direct Response Marketing.

At JC Management ® we are committed every day to building better companies for a more tech-savvy, cutting-edge future. We do this by combining Direct Response Online Marketing, the only scientific method that can help you convert unknown users into paying customers and brand ambassadors, with the latest in Fintech and DeFi, taking advantage of the opportunities of this emerging and exponentially growing market.

Our Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision is to share and develop new projects with Successful Entrepreneurs: JC Management ® is a HUB where Entrepreneurs and Freelancers can set up new companies or scale up existing ones, counting on a partner able to support them 360° in their strategic activities.

Don't be a leader without a lead

Josè Campana | CEO & Founder JC Management®

In recent years at JC Management ® we have been able to build a solid foundation. We work every day giving our best to develop hundreds of potential projects within the next 10 years. Our goal is to launch or incubate new projects every year, which with the right effort and patience can become the great companies of tomorrow.

"A Project today can become a Unicorn tomorrow."

Only the best for your company

Develop your Projects with JC Management ®

Our team is able to help Entrepreneurs develop projects using Direct Response Online Marketing and all Fintech technology. We take care of building the best strategy not as a simple Agency, but as a real Partner.

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"The only asset that can be kept safe from any threat and that can increase in value year after year is the relationship you have with your customers."

- Dan Kennedy
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About us

We are a company of People, working for People.

Our goal is to collaborate with projects that can change the next decade. Discover how we have led dozens of companies to success over the years and choose to be part of the JC Management ® universe, thus becoming our Successful Case Study.

Successfully developed projects.

We have built hundreds of projects over the years with very low failure scoring.

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The projects we have developed and the companies we have set up are now solid and well-established in their industries. They have been covered in the major media.

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Italy's leading company for medium and long-term rental, even without financial scoring.

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A unique system capable of bringing at least 40 new customers per month into the world of dermopigmentation.

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Leader in 'FEE-free' online customer acquisition on the world's most used application: WhatsApp.

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Why choose us over others?

JC Management ® was born as a project incubator, a place where our experts study how to really increase the performance of your business. To do this, we become partners and develop the project closely, supporting you on both the ups and downs.

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" Don't be a leader without a lead "

Josè Campana
CEO & Founder JC Management ®
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