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The world of dermopigmentation is in constant turmoil: it is a very profitable market and able to feed itself but, at the same time, lacking from a strategic point of view, especially in terms of marketing. From the implementation of the strategy to the management of the final client, in fact, the professionals of this sector risk not knowing and therefore not being able to apply strategic choices that are truly capable of making the business profitable making it frictionless in the managerial flow of their work. To make these activities automatic and above all profitable, the solution is represented by DermoBooking, a platform that can help professionals of dermopigmentation to acquire profiled customers every month, with the possibility to enjoy also a team of experts in the field of Online Marketing with which to compare and find the best strategies to better manage their cabin.

The partnership JC Management ® DermoBooking

The partnership with JC Management® is based on our experience in the health care field. Strengthened by a common knowledge of this sector, but each with its own specificities, DermoBooking has chosen JC Management ® as a partner able to provide know-how in the field of Online Marketing, capable of providing operational support in the creation of the platform and of proposing resources and tutors capable of assisting dermpigmentiste in their marketing growth path.

At the same time, DermoBooking, which is now to all intents and purposes part of the JC Management® stable, was able to provide n innovative service in the world of dermopigmentation, dominated, as we said at the beginning, by great ferment but almost entirely lacking in professionals capable of independently managing a growth path from a marketing point of view (and, therefore, also sales and service in the name of automation).

Thanks to the relationship with MVH Asset and the strategic support of its CEO, Michele Villano, DermoBooking was able to find a valuable ally in the construction of a long-term partnership: the experience of the Italian entrepreneur, in fact, has allowed a deep knowledge of the dermopigmentation market, having already positioned over 1000 dermopigmentists in this market due to his previous training. Together with JC Management ® it was therefore possible to build an interaction marketing system and a real online marketing training academy that would really work in the market.

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