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Automate your online marketing processes with JC Management.

JC Management is the leading provider of consulting and AI solutions to help SMEs and Corporates scale their business model. We specialise in Online Marketing, but our mission is to deliver business growth through innovative strategies powered by data. We help you grow beyond digital by delivering authenticity and value in a customer-centric world. We do this using Quantum Marketing, a clearly documented scientific strategy that allows you to acquire leads, customers or collaborators based on your objective, in a simple, safe and predictable way. Log in and start mastering the new Digital Renaissance with JC Management.

Our Core Business:
  • Online Marketing Consulting & Strategy Development
  • Front End and Back End Development
  • Creating AI & Software with Sentimental Analyses
  • Blockchain Developing

Online Marketing Consulting & Strategy Development

JC Management has been providing consultancy and operational level solutions and support for SMEs and Big Corporate since 2017. We work mainly in the Fintech sector with a focus on projects trying to develop their core business online. We specialise in helping entrepreneurs, freelancers, large corporations to improve their flows and build with them (and not only for them) functional strategies that have ROI as the only goal. (Return on Investment).

Our business divisions for the development of strategies with online marketing are as follows:

Construction Direct Response Marketing Strategy.
Operational Report for Task Management.
Construction of Funneling Strategy.
Copywriting: Sales Letter Constructions, Newsletters, Persuasive Copy Material.
Developing: Custom CMR Constructions & Web App.
Personalised one-to-one counselling.
Advertising & Budgeting on all Social Platforms in use today.

Choose JC Management for your Online Strategy. Our internal policy is to not commonly work as an agency. We deeply believe that the projects we are entrusted with are projects to be safeguarded where we are at the forefront alongside our client.

Front End and Back End Development

Our solutions for more structured companies include Web Development of both Front End and Back End Software. JC Management has developed a Business Division totally dedicated to Web Development. Today 90% of companies that are planning to scale up need to develop software that works 24 hours a day without effort and without human error. Precisely for this reason after more than 2 years of work, testing and hundreds of thousands of euros spent on testing our Developing division has the following business areas:

  • Study and development of UX & UI design
  • Creation of Ad Hoc Graphic Content for the final target
  • Front End Development of Websites, Dashboards, Software
  • API integrations & Script creation
  • Back End Development of Databases, Platforms, Flows, Software, CRM
  • Debugging & Testing of Software before Online Publication.

Today 99% of the Software Houses on the planet have a big problem: Those who program, those who write the flows, those who manage the development plan have never created companies and do not know the dynamics in the market and in the reference niche.

JC Management today has a package of case studies to look at, of software and online platforms that have already passed the Break Even Cost phase and are in great profit by the end customer. Request a Free Consultation.

Creating AI & Software with Sentimental Analyses

Today’s market differentiates between Static Software and Intelligent and Self-predictive structures. Since 2019 JC Management is engaged on building Predictive Software with the help of AI mainly in the Financial and Cryptocurrency industry. Today it is one of the leading providers in the Middle East for developing technologies that bring proven results to the markets. What we specialise in is creating AIs that can read liquidity shifts in the crypto market and seize opportunities. In some cases we have been able to predict a pump or dump a few minutes in advance. Request a Free Consultation and explain your business model so we can see if we are both aligned to work together.

Blockchain Developing

The Cryptocurrency Market from 2017 onwards has always been growing. 2021 was an important year for the crypto market, it started to make people talk about Bitcoin, start talking about Alt Coin. 2021 was also an important year for the creation of alternative Side Chains, DeFi, Pools, Decentralised Exchanges. JC Management is already a Market Leader in the creation of Software solutions for the Cryptocurrency industry. Request a Free Consultation to explain your idea. From 0 to ROI with JC Management. Our motto is: "Don't be a leader without a lead". Rely on JC Management, a Market Leader since 2017, to guarantee a quality standard. We are known for understanding business dynamics and not simply working for clients. We are entrepreneurs, we have companies, we have profits, we have losses. We are all that before we are your Advisors.

Enter the JC Management universe.