The leading medium and long-term car rental company

In April 2021, together with CEO Alessandro Loriga, we set up KAAR™. The idea behind the project was to transform brokerage in the automotive sector into a real consulting business tailored to the needs of the individual client.

And today, thanks to careful strategic activity, KAAR™ is experiencing a period of strong and steady growth.




Verona, Italy

  • Medium and long term car rental even without financial scoring
  • KRI (KAAR™ Rental Insider) and KIA (KAAR™ Insider Attack)
  • Flexible Mobility Subscription
  • Car rental with the possibility of 100% payment in Crypto

Connecting Italy on four wheels, quickly and easily.

KAAR™ is the leading company in Italy for Medium and Long Term Rental without Financial Scoring. Thanks to a very active consulting activity on the territory, and being able to count on stocked fleets and neighborhood, the service that is offered is 100% Zero Thoughts, while the section The Club of KAAR™ provides exclusive services dedicated to partners.

Satisfied customers


The medium and long term car rental service you are looking for

The challenge

The automotive market, which has always been in great turmoil, lacked a solution that could provide every single user with the possibility of having only the best means of transport available at the best price on the market in a short time. All this without spending time and energy on research, but relying entirely on:

  • Industry experts
  • A centralised platform
  • An innovative payment method
  • 100% decentralised management

The solution

KAAR™ has responded to this need with a great intuition: to transform brokerage into a real consulting activity tailored to the needs of the individual customer, and to allow the latter to rent cars in the medium and long term even without financial scoring.

The results

In just 15 months, KAAR™ was born from scratch and exploded: an innovative platform that provides users not only with a Medium and Long Term car rental service even without Financial Scoring, but also with a pool of KRIs (KAAR™ Rental Insider) and KIAs (KAAR™ Insider Attack) and the exclusive The Club, with benefits reserved for members.


Rentals made


KRI and KIA experts always at hand

The contribution of JC Management ® to the KAAR™ project;

KAAR™ risked to remain a beautiful project on paper, but not easy to manage in reality, if we at JC Management ® had not contributed to make it explode with a revolutionary business model. For this reason, we first took care of the development of the entire online platform, allowing the project to equip itself with a necessary tool, fast and with perfect usability for the client. Then, we created a real automation path to complete the KAAR™ Mandate.

More information

KAAR™ also provides its customers with the exclusive "The Club", a flexible mobility digital subscription that allows 100% of the rental to be downloaded on the invoice.

For a small fee of €199, you can become a member and have access at all times to an exclusive service, such as renting without constraints and income control and always having the best guaranteed price on the market.

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